We have been building internet presences since 2004. In most cases we work directly with clients in delivering the required work. We also work with various partners and associates around the world in completing tasks or projects of their clients.

In most cases we sign Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDAs), Non-Circumvention Agreements (NCAs) and in some cases Non-Compete Agreements. There are also at times mutually agreed terms of confidentiality are agreed upon verbally or unofficially. In honouring these written and/or verbal agreements we do not publicly publish/mention/showcase the countless sites that we have built to date as our portfolio.

We highly value the working arrangements we have with our existing clients, partners and associates, as such maintaining our credibility bears more weight than showcasing our previous work to potential clienteles.

For potential clienteles please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. While our previous work may be kept hidden under lock and key, our skills, knowledge and talents are definetely not. Drop us a line and lets start working together. (p/s - we are best known for making live mockups of sites on the fly for your perusal). We can also provide you with references on request.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and personally find out how we can assist you..

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Live mock up demo site developed for a company in New York.
Custom built fully responsive ecommerce storefront with built-in blog.

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