Similar to cars and bikes requiring regular checkups and overhauls, sometimes a dated website only need updates, plugins, snippets, repairs and tweaks to prolong its usability period.

Regular maintenance of websites minimizes the possibility of it breaking down, hack attacks or even inoperatability due to external factors. (ie. your hosting company update their server software, your site not compatible resulting in it not functioning properly)

Updates may be in the form of a one off work or the more popular option is to have us on retainer ensuring that the site is ALWAYS current, updated, free of error hence minimizing or eliminating possible problems occuring.

From time to time your website needs a thorough evaluation where the hardware, software and operational processes aspects are inspected. A retainer contract with us enables you to enjoy this facility free of any additional charges.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and personally find out how we can assist you..

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